Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Cards!

It is a rare occasion that my fiance and I manage to take a good picture together. In the event we do, it is a cause for celebration. OK, maybe that's a little dramatic, but there are just SO many pictures of us where my fiance is looking in the wrong direction, has his mouth wide open because he is mid-sentence, etc. And I'm not too photogenic myself. My blink reflex is lightning-quick and it is a common joke among friends and family that multiple takes of every picture are necessary as my eyes are usually closed - or worse, one closed and one open :\. Anyway, we actually got a good one last weekend AND it was Christmas themed. This just screams holiday card material to me.

NFW and SDA in Kennebunkport, ME

Now where can one can festive holiday photo cards? Shutterfly, of course! They have a delightful selection of Christmas photo cards to choose from. Here are some of my picks:

I especially love the monogram on the last one! And who knows, if our good photo taking luck continues, I might be able to make a photo desk calendar . Actually, I'm thinking that might be a nice gift for my girlfriends. How fun would that be?!

What kind of holiday cards do you send out?

P.S. Check out the promotion Shutterfly is doing for bloggers - 50 free holiday cards!! Click here!


  1. Great photo!! I agree holiday card.. HHL

  2. yay! love that you're participating in the 50 free cards -- it's a graet money saver, no??
    your options are too cute! merry christmas!

  3. Love the monogrammed one!! Your picture is so cute!!! We're taking ours early next week when I'm home for college!

  4. awww what a cute picture. I absolutely adore it!


  5. The monogram one is fun! Haha, we have the same problem with pictures too. It's hard to sync up the right lighting with the poses and faces but we definitely cherish the good pictures!


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