Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Very Lilly Wedding

I would LOVE to have a Lilly Pulitzer-themed wedding. My fiance? Not so much. So I will now live vicariously through this gorgeous Lilly Fresh Squeezed wedding photo shoot featuring the Lilly Wedding Collection that I saw on The Wedding Chicks.

How much do you love these pictures?? And the Lilly wedding dresses are adorable. Do you ever feel like you need to have 10 different weddings just to use all the different ideas/themes/colors/dresses, etc that you love?! I sure do!! Be sure to check out the entire post and all the wonderful photos here.


  1. love all of these!! i just fell in love with that photo shoot yesterday, especially those ribbon candy place holders! so sweet!!

  2. A Lilly themed wedding would be so colorful and fun. I once saw a family at Disney all decked out from head to toe in Lilly... they were so cute! xo

  3. A Lilly wedding is an preppy girl's dream! I'm loving these photos--so pretty and preppy!

  4. What a cute blog! Following you now :)

    and oh my, I need ALL of this for my wedding!

  5. Ah, precious! And I agree--sometimes I think I want to have a super glamorous fairy-tale wedding and other times I think I want a casual country wedding or even a Lilly one, hehe! At least I have a LONG time to figure it all out!

  6. The colors would certainly be fun and lively!

  7. Simply adorable!! I can see why many men would not be thrilled. What about a wedding shower Lilly themed?

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    Art by Karena


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