Monday, July 18, 2011

Shoshanna Dresses = LOVE

I love Shoshanna dresses and these summer ones definitely do not disappoint. I want one of each!

I love the simple cut of this dress and the gold color. I once had a Shoshanna one-shoulder dress in this color and it was so pretty!

Pink and white is one of my favorite summer color combos. Oh hell, it's one of my favorite any season color combos.
I'm alas too short to really pull off the maxi dress, but if I could, I'd snap up this gorgeous white one with gold accents.

I love the splash of color at the top!

Green and white is a pretty good color combo too...

I've been in love with this shade of purple since I saw it on a waitress's nails last weekend. I neeeed this dress!

All pictures are from Shopbop!

Do you have a favorite Shoshanna dress??

UPDATE: Now this is what I call serendipity! There is a Shoshanna sale starting at noon EST on Gilt. Click here if you need an invite!


  1. I am so insecure about my arms. I wish I wasnt because I would love to wear strapless dresses!


  2. LOVE Shoshana dresses...there are a lot of great picks here!

  3. That maxi would make a gorg beach wedding gown!


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