Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome to Living Well!

Welcome to Living Well - my blog! I'm Sarah, a 20something girl living in Boston. I LOVE reading blogs and have been wanting to start my own for some time now! I love preppy clothing, pink and green, and of course, Lilly! I love finding wonderful new restaurants, boutiques, and fun things to do around New England. I also love decorating my (tiny) apartment and learning how to cook new things!

What else can I say about me?? I'm a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend, and a slightly too energetic co-worker. I've been out of college for almost 2 years now (oh where oh where does time go?) and I work in financial software. I'm quirky. Slightly OCD. A bit of a perfectionist. A "Sensitive Sally." I love meeting new friends and keeping up with old friends!

Why "living well"? One of my favorite quotes is George Herbert's "Living well is the best revenge." I love this quote. Not because I believe in the revenge part of it, but because I really like the idea of “living well.” Living well means so many things to me. It’s a diverse life filled with all those things that make life worth living. For me, it’s a pretty lengthy list. Family and friends. A career. Art and literature. Music. Faith. Helping people. Food. Fashion. Things that make you happy. Love. That’s what I want my blog to be about – things that make living so good!

P.S. Please excuse any disorganization or slightly weird looking layouts... I'm new to this and am trying to figure it out! :) I'd love any blogging advice!


  1. Welcome to the blog world, swap partner!! I look forward to reading all your posts!

  2. Just found your blog its so cute!

  3. Hi! I just made my blog about two weeks ago and I love the online blogging community! I am still getting used to it, and hopefully will be better at it soon! Good luck, looks great!! XOXO


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