Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Relaxation and More Pretty Things!

Hurray for the weekend! I had a long and frankly horrible week at work and am savouring every moment of relaxation this weekend. I slept late, took a long shower, watched the Food Network, and enjoyed my bagel with strawberry cream cheese. I'm going to do some housecleaning (I currently have piles of laundry "decorating" my living room) and then maybe walk over to In the Pink (my local Lilly via shop) and Sephora. Then I'm going to meet my boyfriend at the airport - he's been in South Carolina for work this week and I've missed him so much!! From the airport, we'll head to the North End for some Italian food!!

Anyway, enough about me! On to some pretty online shopping finds:

Audrey Earrings in Celadon and Coral by Meg Carter Designs

Pearlized Patent Leather McKim Sandals by Lilly Pulitzer
(love the Shorely Blue color!!)
Elephant Earrings by Fornash
Bondi Beach Bag in Amanda Blue by Roberta Roller Rabbit

Violet Hill Ruffle Dress by Ruche

Ping Pong Set by Henri Bendel

Have a great weekend! Don't forget to enter my Lilly giveaway!


  1. That sounds fantastic! And I lovelovelove the elephant earrings :)

  2. What a cute glad that I stopped in...

    Its a very rainy day here so blog hopping is the perfect activity. Hope you will visit me...I have a great giveaway that I am drawing for Sunday.

  3. Love your blog! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  4. I need those elephant earrings in a bad way. SO presh!

  5. Going to look at BOTH sets of those earrings right now. SO fab.

    Oh, just gave you award over at my blog too:


  6. The Henri Bendel ping pong set is wonderful. For some reason, the sillier things like that seem the more I love it.

  7. Love the Fornash earrings and the 'Shorely Blue' sandals!!!


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