Monday, March 7, 2011

Best Fries Ever!

It's no secret to those who know me how much I LOVE french fries. But I'm picky about them too - I hate the kind that are, what I refer to as, "Burger King fries." The type with some seasoning that don't even taste remotely like a potato. (Does anyone else know what I'm talking about??) But other than that I love them all - waffle, curly, crinkle-cut, steak, etc.

So when I heard that a new restaurant that serves only belgian fries (well, not only, but I'll get to that in a second), called Saus, was opening in Boston's Faneuil Hall area I knew I had to try it. I went yesterday with my fiance and his friend that was visiting.


One word. LOVE. The fries were absolutely delicious -crisp and perfect. They were served in a delightful cone and even came with a wee little plastic fork. I wish I had taken a picture! One of the best parts was the dipping sauces that came with it. We got the Cheddar Duvel (cheddar and Duvel ale), Truffle Ketchup (to.die.for), Ole Chipotle, Ranch, and the Vampire Slayer (garlic mayo). I honestly can say I loved all of them, but my favorites were the Truffle Ketchup and the Vampire Slayer.

Other amazing things? The people working there were SO nice and friendly. Saus is also open until 2 am on weekends and conveniently located near dozens of bars. Maybe the best new drunk food ever? They also serve poutine (aka my favorite Canadian treat) and belgian waffles. I didn't try either, but trust me, I'll be back.

Check out the menu here and check out the place for real if you are ever in Boston!!

Where are your favorite places to get fries??


  1. Ops, meant to type...Truffle ketchup, sounds interesting!

  2. i'm headed to boston for work later this spring and i am going to go straight here! i heart french fries too. give me big thing of waffle fries over chocolate any day!

  3. French fries are my favorittte food! I would love to go here!!


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