Monday, May 3, 2010

Mixed Bag Monday

Today seems to be a mixed bag of good and bad things. I'm trying to focus on the good. The good hopefully outweighs the bad anyway. For starters, I had a wonderful time at the wedding this weekend. I wore my strapless blue and white Vineyard Vines dress and was so happy I did (thanks so much to everyone for all their advice and kind words!). I got lots of compliments on it and felt like I looked nice and appropriate. I don't have any pictures though! I forgot my camera and somehow I'm sitting down in all the pictures that other people took. Better than there being ones of me busting a move on the dance floor. ;) The bride looked stunning and the reception space was lovely. My bf's family is so fun and nice and as usual I had no reason to be nervous. His dad even asked me to dance which I thought was so sweet.

I also heard some great news last night - my cousin M is getting married! M is a great guy - smart, successful, and funny. I completely adore his fiance too - she's sweet, smart, and they complement each other so well. And she's an event planner so I'm looking forward to seeing how fantastic their wedding will be!

My other cousin, K, is getting married in a couple weeks and I gotta say that while I'm excited for that wedding, I'm feeling a little upset about it too. She didn't ask me or any of my other girl cousins to be in the wedding which I was actually relieved about. We're not super close and I figured if she asked me to be in hers I'd feel obligated to ask her to be in mine when I get married. Her wedding party choices are admittedly odd. Her brother is not one of fiance's groomsmen, but she has her fiance's sister and best girl friend in her wedding party. Anyway, my other cousin G told me last night that K asked her to do the readings at the ceremony. Now, neither G or I are close to the bride, but I'm definitely closer to K. I know it's no big deal and in the long run it saves me the hassle of having to drive down a day early for the rehearsal, but I'm still pretty hurt. Am I being silly? Would you be hurt/offended?

Also, and this is more of an annoyance than something "bad," there is a boil water order for Boston and the surrounding areas. A water main broke over the weekend and the city had to switch to the back up water supply which apparently isn't safe to drink. I'm extremely lucky to live in Cambridge which is one of the few cities that has its own water source. All the towns around me have to boil their water. My parents were in Kennebunkport this weekend and brought home 8 gallons of water! There's no water at my office though and no place to get coffee! I'll have to bring some from home tomorrow!

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