Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pink and Green Thursday: House of Lavande Palm Beach

Happy Pink and Green Thursday! Today I am loving these pink and green pretties from House of Lavande Palm Beach. Wouldn't any of them look lovely with Lilly?

1956 R. Mandel Pearl Drop Earrings

1950's Hobe Button Earrings

1950's Gripoix Poured Glass Flower Earrings

Joseph Mazer Cuff

Schreiner Pink and Green Brooch

Thanks to the lovely Trish at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover for hosting Pink & Green Thursday!



  1. These are all really special pieces; the first pair of earrings are to die for especially! Happy Pink & Green Thursday!

    x M.

  2. That cuff is great! Happy Pink and Green!

  3. Beautiful! My favorites are the first earrings and the brooch.

  4. Those are some Pretty in Pink (and green!) treasures, nice finds!

    Hope you are enjoying a splendid weekend,

  5. That bangle is just beautiful!

  6. One of the winners in my OBOL giveaway fell through so I redrew a name and you won! Congrats and please send me your address as soon as possible. Thanks!


  7. Hey there my sweet little Sarah! I am not familiar with House of Lavande Palm Beach, so thank you for the lovely intro, and of course for linking up for Pink & Green Thursday! All of these would look smashing with Lilly and have me yearning for warmer weather ASAP! The pearl drop earrings and the gold bangle are my faves, although they are each just so lovely.
    Hugs to you always beautiful bride-to-be! xoxoxoxox

  8. Check out this amazing interview with House of Lavande's Tracy Smith and see what she has to say about the Clos-ette Too for House of Lavande Travel Case.


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