Friday, April 9, 2010

Destination: Paradise!

In just 3 short days (who am I kidding - the days are gonna seem SO long! Especially Monday!), I will be off to the Carribean. My boyfriend and I are headed to Anguilla and then St. Maarten...

...we'll arrive in the afternoon at Princess Juliana airport on the Dutch side of St. Maarten...

The planes fly right over Maho Beach - it was cool (OK, and a little scary) to see this as we landed last year, but even cooler watching the planes land from the beach bar! The bar has a chalkboard that lists the arrivals/departures and little speakers where you can hear the pilots and the control center talking to each other. My bf is getting his pilot's license so this is right up his alley and we must have watched the planes for an hour. And people lay out on the beach! We sat there for a few minutes, but I got too scared so we moved before a plane flew over!

Then we'll take a taxi to the French side of St. Maarten and hop on the ferry to Anguilla. Note to self: bring dramamine. I got horribly sick on the ferry ride last year. I had NEVER gotten sea sick before!

...after the 20 minute ferry ride, we'll arrive in Anguilla where our rental car will be waiting. We'll hop in (side note - Anguillan rental cars do not lock. We kept trying to lock the car and it would unlock every time we shut the doors. The island is supposed to be very safe!) and drive to the condo on Mead's Bay!

Picture I took right outside the condo on Mead's Bay. The beaches are always super quiet and private.

And then dinner that night will be at The Straw Hat, just a short walk down the beach from where we are staying!

Photo from The food is fabulous and the staff is amazing. And you can't beat eating delicious food just steps away from the ocean!

We'll be in Anguilla for 4 days and then we'll be off for another 3 in St. Maarten. Why stay in Anguilla first if we land in St. Maarten? Anguilla is so quiet and peaceful. There is practically nothing to do except lie on the beach. There's very few traces of tourism. We'll veg out for a few days and then head over to St. Maarten where there are casinos, bars, shopping, etc!

Can you tell that I'm super excited??!! Has anyone ever been to either island? I'd highly recommend them... especially Anguilla, it's like no place I've ever been and is perfect for those who prefer places that are not touristy!


  1. That's the one thing I miss, living now in California. The Caribbean! Just cannot justify the 22 hours flying...Have a fantastic time.

  2. Wow have a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

  3. So jealous! Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Where do you find good flights from? I'm Puerto Rican, but besides PR, I haven't explored the Caribbean at all. Would love to though :-) Have a fabulous time...hope you'll post pictures when you return!


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