Sunday, April 11, 2010

Counting Down...

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day! I've been on a cleaning spree - I hate coming home to a messy place, so I'm cleaning everything like a mad woman. Then, when I come back from vacation, I will come back to a clean apartment! I'm getting more and more excited to leave on Tuesday! I went shopping yesterday for some last minute things and already have a plan to sneak the extra clothes I bought into my bf's suitcase... I will definitely not have room in mine! ;)

I've been looking through some of my pictures of vacation last year and wanted to share some with you!

This is Shoal's Bay, one of the more popular beaches in Anguilla. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. You can buy drinks, go snorkeling, grab some lunch, get a massage, or just lay out.

Driving down to Cap Juluca, a resort in Anguilla. We had drinks at Maunday's Club there one night (soo preppy) and then walked around another day. This year, I'm looking forward to having dinner at Pimm's, one of the restaurants there.

Entrance to Pimm's. I love the ginger jars!

I'm looking forward to St. Maarten too! The island is divided into two sides - the French side (Saint Martin) and the Dutch side (Sint Maarten). Our resort is on the Dutch side so we spent most of our time there last year, but we really want to see the beachs on the French side this year.

Staircase down to the beach (Cupecoy Beach) at the resort.

Thanks for looking! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


  1. Beautiful pics! I'm the same way...I MUST have a clean house before I leave, otherwise when I come home I'd be in SUCH a foul mood having to deal with mess! As if leaving vacation isn't bad enough...

  2. AHHH!!! I am green with envy!! I would give my right arm to be traveling to a far away place right now!! I hope you have the BEST time!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway!!! Your blog is so cute!

  3. SO jealous! Have a fabulous time!

  4. These photos are beautiful and I hope that you have a wonderful time. The first photo of the beach is gorgeous!

  5. We've been doing some major spring cleaning as well. You'll be so happy to come home to a clean house. I am so super duper excited for your little vacay, how fun! Wish you could pack me in your suitcase :) XOXO

    Have a blast sweet girl, you deserve it!

  6. this looks gorgeousss.. im so extremely jealous- and i know what you mean, ive been on a cleaning streak
    have a fun and safe trip girl!

  7. This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I hope you are having/had a fabulous vacation- I am so insanely jealous!!! You deserve it. XOXOXO

  8. Girl, I am so jealous!! Those are all places that I've never been but would LOVE to go! Next time, you need to take me with you!! ;-) And keep the pics coming, we want to see and hear about everything!


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